Thursday, July 28, 2005

Tsach's Planned Actions To Combat Condition in Israel

Exclusive to COL:

Over 250 shluchim of the Rebbe and Chabad activists from all over the land, got together today for the emergency convention in the Nir Etsiyon hotel near Chaifa where a detailed course of action designed by Tsach's Board for Preservation of the Nation and the Land was presented and explained. The program is based upon the Rebbes directives regarding the conditions in Israel and was approved by the Supreme Beis Din of Chabad in Israel. Two simultaneous courses of action to be taken are: 1. Extensive propaganda regarding the grave dangers of the disengagement plan and 2. Increasing of the merits of the Jewish nation by intensifying the three important realms of Torah, Prayer and Charity.

To implement these, the shluchim and activists will be using two booklets that have been especially published for these purposes. One of them is named, 'What will occur when there are no more sheep?' and the second one is called, 'Three Ways to Change the Situation' - which explain the powers of Torah, Prayer and Charity and their capabilities of bringing salvation to the nation of Israel. This booklet also stresses the laws of the Rambam on issues regarding the Holy Temple, in a clear and concise language, and also contains several chapters of Tehillim designated to abolish the decree when read.