Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Menachem Brod on Gush Katif

I may be sappy but I love this photo!!
From COL:

Last week, when the huge demonstration dispersed after three days in Kfar Maimon, many were disappointed about not proceeding and breaking into Gush Katif by force. These felt that the demonstration failed since the crowd had not arrived at Gush Katif. This is an erroneous feeling says Rabbi Menachem Brod of Sichas Hashavua.

Brod claims that the success of the demonstration is not measured by its destination and ought not to be evaluated by whether the people had or had not arrived at the Kisufim barrier. The demonstration had succeeded particularly because of the fact that it was not violent and that it did not produce clashes between policemen, soldiers and the demonstrators. It succeeded since it voiced a powerful public protest which resonated not only throughout Israel but throughout the entire world.