Sunday, July 31, 2005

Apology accepted

I finally received a reasonable comment from "ump" regarding the last post.

AE I respect you highly for admitting you made a mistake. If my advice is worth anything then
1) delete this whole topic, rather than invite people to comment on it!
2) Delete any negative comments written anonymously against a person who uses their real name.
3) Do not allow people to talk in the name of our community. OUR, WE, US!
4) As you deleted Rabbi Gutnicks comments until you verified them, same policy regarding quoting a prominent Adass Spokesman etc. I will email a statement from Mr. Abelesz who will explain that this comment is twisted and malicious. It was posted to incite hate. Mr. Abelesz claims he has a sister in law from chabad plus the majority of his family.

We have no intention to threaten or close you down; all we want is that
this site should attack nobody but especially those good Jews who contribute
very generously to our institutions.

There is no purpose served to put other communities under the microscope.
This is definitely not the derech of Chabad.

I have admitted more than once that I made a mistake in making statements about other communities. It was obviously wrong and I again apologise for my statements which appear only under Aussieecho.

Obviously I cannot be at my computer 24/7 but will delete comments referring to individuals when I see them. I am happy for people to write to me at if they see something that I have missed.

But - I will still write my opinions about Chabad and our modod. We are all members of our community and have an equal stake in its future.