Sunday, July 24, 2005

One of the Highest Learning Levels - in Australia

This appeared in COL with the above caption. I think I need say no more.... (No personal comments please!)

Rabbi Shmuel Gurevitch, shliach and director of Beis Rivkah in Melbourne, Australia, was interviewed by Assaf Nagel in his Kol Hashishi radio program on the Kol Chai radio. Rabbi Gurevitch related that he was the second generation to shluchim and that his father was first sent to Australia by the Rebbe Rayats. Rabbi Gurevitch had gotten married in Israel but in 5731, the Rebbe had instructed him to return to Australia and to direct the 'Beis Rivkah' school there. Some 700 students are enrolled there today, many of whom are from not frum families. After they graduate though, they stay observant and build religious homes. According to Rabbi Gurevitch, the learning level of Beis Rivkah in both holy and secular subjects is the highest - in Australia.